Wednesday, 15 April 2009


I did not help at the stables today, instead I organised some things and went to bexhill. We collected some 'jestom and flotsom' and visited the de la warr pavillion gallery where I was not impressed at all by the work on exhibition there.


The temptation to buy a packet of cigarettes purely for the gorgeous packet is intense. Luxurious colours, gold writing, embossed images, oh what I would give for smoking to be good for you! Despite the fact I rarely smoke even a roll-up, I must say it is an attractive factor in my boy. Waitrose; remove the cigarette stand.


Current Progress - April 2009

I am almost four months into the project and development is slow as I have been concentrating on other projects, personal and degree related. I do not have a specific sketchbook for the project and therefore have little holding the progress I have made together. I must compile a folder or book of my research. 


Self directed projects I am working on at the moment:
  • Wunderkammer - Cabinet of Curiosities. Also running alongside 'Cultural and Contextual studies' unit at Byam Shaw.
  • Roots - Nature project. Reading books such as Monty Don, Lost Crafts. Taking inspiration from fashion magazines and current 'floral' trend. Spring Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Elle.
  • Shelter - Long-term project continuing from term 2. Researching books - Shelter by Lloyd Kahn, Home work: Handbuilt shelter by Lloyd Kahn. Must visit Weald open air museum.
Work based learning begins next Monday 20th April. I start with Guy Portelli, as a sculptor and research assistant continuing from my previous work with him last summer.